« Sales and lease back »


Becoming more and more popular for all types of companies, this real estate transaction consists in selling your building for a set price in exchange for your signature on a long-term lease. The advantage of this type of operation comes from the fact that for your company, the true value of your real estate property comes from its “use” rather than its “ownership”. Once the building is added to our real estate portfolio, we take complete care of the building’s management and maintenance. In return, you continue to occupy the premises, while banking the money from the transaction which can provide you with many advantages including:

  • Investment in your company (R&D, equipment purchases, etc.)
  • Strengthening your balance sheet
  • Increasing your solvency
  • Reduction of your long term debt or debt restructuring
  • Preservation of your bank credit
  • Settlement of your business successorship
  • Increasing your leasing flexibility.